Meet the Speaker Panel:

  • John Giovannetti
    Senior Production Engineer
    Rio Tinto
  • Lara Jefferson
    Group Environmental Manager
    Crossland Resources
  • Clare Grosser
    Environmental Impact Assessment and Mine Closure
    Cliffs Natural Resources
  • Pamela Kaye
    Manager of Environment and External Relations
    Pluton Resources


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Excelling in Dust and Noise Control and Ensuring Safe Storage Facilities to Prevent Contamination

Is Your Environmental Management Plan Adding Value to the Mining Process?

The Environmental Management in Mining conference will once again address the role that environmental managers play in improving the mines overall production with integrating environmental practices into the mining process.

Expect to see managerial and technical environmental case studies, highlighting challenges and solutions in particular projects and covering legislation affecting the mining industry from the industry’s most progressive environmental specialists.

What are the Key Topics to be Addressed at Environmental Management in Mining 2012?

Environmental Management in Mining will present industry examples in:

  • Developing patented drilling technology that can significantly reduce thye exploration by Pluton Resources
  • Managing vibration when mining near sensitive habitats by Rio Tinto
  • How to improve the environmental monitoring during mining operations addressed by Cliffs Natural Resources
  • Insight into a study on the effects of dust deposition on vegetation surrounding Jack Hills mine site by Crossland Resources

Why Attend Environmental Management in Mining 2012?

  • Keep up with the legislation and minimise impact on the natural environment
  • Implement sustainable monitoring and testing of new technology and integrate them in the mining process to improve site performance
  • Address the high expectations from stakeholder and community concerns, competing land use demands and affected ecosystems

Past Delegates Share Their Experiences

It was a great summary of issues for environmental management. It was good to see creative ideas go beyond compliance, such as water sharing for closed mine sites.
Environmental Advisor, Rio Tinto
Very valuable. Gave me insights into what is being done in environmental management that I hadn’t known.
Research Hydrologist, NSW Department of Primary Industries

Want to See for Yourself?

Have a look our the highest rated speaker presentations from Environmental Management in Mining 2011:

presentationimageUnderstanding Port and Mine Related Dust Issues – Presentation by Cliffs Resources
Presented during Environmental Management in Mining 2011, this presentation on understanding port and mine related dust issues and its entailing consequences provides interesting insight into how Cliffs Resources monitor their environmental issues. Presented by Michelle North, Senior Environmental Manager, and Paul West, Manager of Environmental Services.

Download presentation

presentationimageManaging Mine Wastes to Limit Post-Closure Environmental Impacts – Presentation by the Department of Environment and Conservation
This presentation from Steve Appleyard of the Department of Environment and Conservation discusses how to minimise and manage mine waste effectively to reduce the environmental impacts during and post mine closure.

Download presentation

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